Odisha formerly known as Odisha, is an Indian state on the subcontinent’s south-east coast, by the Bay of Bengal. It is the modern name of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga. Oriya is the official and most widely spoken language, other languages spoken in the state are Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu. Odisha is a state of diverse and vibrant culture with an unmatched architectural inheritance. A land of temples with
beautiful stone carvings, the state holds prime attraction amongst pilgrims from all over the country. Since it is also renowned for its natural heritage. Major places of interest in Odisha are Sun Temple of Konark, Bhitarakanika, Udayagiri Caves and Mahendragiri. Besides, the astonishing art, crafts of Odisha the performing arts of the state are also a major source of interest for both domestic and international

Type of Embroidery

  • pipli
  • dongria kondh
  • gontha quilts